While conventional approaches require taking a small sample of the oil and then analysing it, the sensor provides continuous monitoring in situ of the entire lubricant oil volume, providing alert warning of high levels of water content that could damage the machine. As well as providing advance warnings of problems, it can also be used to ensure that separators, filters and driers are only running when actually needed. The sensor is available with an associated terminal box. The terminal box provides power to the sensor, links the sensor to any external condition monitoring system, gives alarms and provides a local visual indication of the water level in the oil and the temperature.

WIO potential is vast

Anywhere where there is lube oil, gear box oil, hydraulic oil, transformer oil or diesel oil, there is a potential application of our WIO sensors:

  • Engine or oil systems –for two-stroke vessel engines up to high speed engines
  • Gear boxes – repairing or/and reinstalling gear boxes in machines, turbines or vessels is very expensive
  • Turbines - e.g. gas turbines in powerplants, hydropower or wind energy
  • Hydraulic systems – especially high pressure hydraulic systems are intolerant of water
  • Transformers – water in the transformer oil can be very dangerous and critical to its safety
  • Cooling/ventilation systems – keeping the cooling or vantilation systems up and running is critical
  • Cylinders – adjacent machinery injecting the oil directly into the cylinders
  • Pumps – especially large scale water or heat pumps
  • Compressors – large industrial air compressors, for example in factories or power plants